I am a self-taught artist who creates quilted fiber art.  I specialize in  animals, birds, and nature scenes. The majority of my work is realistic. Techniques include: piecework, appliqué, confetti, thread painting, and free motion quilting. Artwork comes framed or with quilt sleeve and rod. I also sell reusable journal covers and bookmakers made with the same techniques.

Art has always been an important aspect of my life, even from an early age I loved to draw and write poetry.  That early spark has continued to flame my love for all aspects of art.  I have worked in pen and ink, oil and water color, and done graphite portraits. My recent artistic endeavors have taken me on a journey of discovery through fabrics and quilting.  I use many design and construction methods in my quilting, but all are constructed of at least three layers. My experiments in fabric and  thread  has elevated my work to a higher level. 

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